Worship Service's Guidelines

We will be adapting CDC guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy worship atmosphere.  Here are some guidelines that have been discussed for when we return to worship.  1) Upon arriving at Church and entering the Narthex, there will be no hugging & handshakes.  2) All worshipers will be required to wear a mask.  If you don't have one, one will be provided.  3) Ushers will only light and extinguish candles.  4) Worship folders will be available from a table in the Narthex. 5) Social distancing will be practiced in the Sanctuary.  There will be sheets of copy paper on the pews (indicating where you can sit) that will aid you in distancing from other worshipers.  6) At the conclusion of the worship service, Pastor will not greet members as they exit.  7) Beginning on the lectern side, members will exit one by one - pew by pew - alternating from side to side.  8) A collection plate will be available on the table by the organ so that that you can return your Thank Offering.  9) There will be no congregating in the Narthex when worship is over.  Everyone is to proceed out doors.



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