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ADVENT 1/PASTOR'S FAREWELL                                                                 NOVEMBER 29, 2020


WELCOME  Guests- we are happy that you’ve joined us for worship today and we extend to you a warm and heartfelt welcomeIf you haven’t received a welcoming folder, please pick one up from the table by the organ.  May the Lord bless your worship with us.  We also ask our guests to please sign the Guest Book located on the stand in the Narthex. 


PREPARATION  As you wait for the worship service to begin, instead of visiting with someone in a pew near you, you may want to prepare yourself for worship by reading a portion of Scripture and/or saying a prayer.  The following prayer is one suggestion...

God of love and faithfulness, you showed favor to your people by sending your one and only Son to be our Savior.  Help us to trust in him as our gracious Redeemer and so enjoy the peace he came to bring, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.”  Additional prayers can be located on pages 10 & 11 and 134-139 in the hymnal.




SERVICE  Serving the Lord today are...Organist- Nancy Cannon,  Ushers- Jim Burk and Bruce Cannon (Next Sunday- Dave Warnke & Wayne Johnson), Assistant Ushers- Chuck Jenkins & Byron Langdell, Greeter- (suspended), Altar Guild- (none listed - Next Month- Kim Pisano), Flowers- (none listed), Candle Maintenance- Walt & Cindy Tidwell, Camera Operator- Steve Fischer, Fellowship Hour - (suspended).  May the Lord bless such service!                


CDC GUIDELINES  We are still implementing CDC guidelines at our public worship services.  That means wearing masks, hand sanitizing, and social distancing.  May the Lord continue to bless our public worship!



                                THIS WEEK WITH MY CHURCH

Today               Worship at 9:30AM, Pastor Rothe's Farewell Reception

                               (in Fellowship Hall) at 10:30AM

Monday              Half Hour Worship on Channel 64 at 5:30PM

Tuesday             Half Hour Worship on Channel 64 at 8:30AM,

                               Tri-City Fellowship (suspended)

Thursday            Adult Instruction Class (suspended)

Sunday (next)          Bible Class at 8:30AM, Worship at 9:30AM,

                               Fellowship Hour at 10:30AM (suspended)


ADVENT 1/FAREWELL  The Church season of Advent (with its Advent Wreath and purple paraments) "kicks off" today.  Advent traditionally has an emphasis on repentance.  Christians need to acknowledge their sins so that they may recognize their need for the Savior and so be prepared to welcome the Good News that the Savior has been born.  Today also serves as Pastor Rothe's farewell Sunday at First Lutheran Church, Prescott, Arizona.  May the Lord bless him and his wife in retirement!


FAREWELL RECEPTION  As Pastor Rothe's ministry at First Lutheran draws to its close, a Farewell Reception will be held today in the Fellowship Hall immediately following dismissal.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to stay.  CDC guidelines will be followed. 


YAVAPAI FOOD BANK  There's always individuals in our community who can benefit from your generosity. If you'd like to assist the "hungry" in our community, just bring your canned goods and/or non-perishable food items to the Church kitchen and set them on the counter next to the refrigerator. And remember: the last Sunday of every month (today) has been specially designated as “Yavapai Food Bank Sunday”.  A basket will be in the Narthex to receive your donations. 


ONLINE VIEWING  If you’d like to watch past episodes of programs on Cable Access Channel 64, go to <prescottmediacenter.org> .  Scroll and click and watch what you’d like.


DAILY DEVOTION (and more)   An opportunity for us to grow spiritually is to use Today’s Devotion that are provided by http://www.whataboutjesus.com.  These devotions are written by WELS pastors and appear every weekday. A podcast of every devotion is also included.  To make it easy to access the devotion every day, subscribe to have them delivered to you by email. Simply go to http://www.wels.net/subscribe and sign up.


TRANSFER TO HEAVEN  Forms, enabling you to “Transfer To Heaven” are available from the table holding the Church Mailboxes.  The form is intended to assist you in the planning of your funeral.  Once completed, your form will be kept on file and will help your survivors make the necessary arrangements (Readings, Hymns, Fellowship Lunch, etc.).  Fill one out and return it to the Church Office.


BACK BULLETINS  If you weren’t able to make it to Church on a given Sunday, but would still like to stay informed, bulletins from the past 4 Sundays are available from the top row (right side) of the Church Mailboxes in the Narthex. 








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